Niklas Ajo forced to skip the GP of Portugal


Niklas Ajo will not join the season´s third GP held next weekend at Estoril circuit in Portugal.
The International Motorcycling Federation, FIM, punished 17-year-old Ajo because of the incident during the GP in Jerez. Ajo is not allowed to participate next GP since he had an argument with a clerk of the course.
– Due to a wet spot on the track the rear end of my bike swang out from under on the third lap and I ended up to sand where I fell. However, the bike was just fine and all I needed to do was to shake the sand off and then I would have been ready to continue the race. But the clerk of the course didn´t allow me to do that and tried to take my bike away. At that situation I lost my temper a bit but there was nothing special, Ajo explains.
– Ok, I need to suffer my punishment but it does feel quite hard one. One should remember that riders are full of adrenaline during the competition. When I saw that the bike was fine I really wanted to continue the race.
Ajo reminded that the GP in Jerez was really unusual due to the difficult circumstances and only half of the 34 riders reached the finish line.
– So many crashes caused lot of work to the clerk of the courses and possible also caused some confusions. My opinion is that the jury should have taken into account that it was so unusual race, Ajo said.
After Portugal the GP season moves to France where also Ajo will compete at the circuit of Le Mans on 20th of May.