Bad weather prevents Niklas Ajo from riding


Avant Tecno KTM rider elects against riding on Thursday in Jerez due to wet conditions.
Niklas Ajo and Avant Tecno KTM’s testing for the week came to an early end on Thursday, as rainfall forced a conclusion to his time on track at Jerez. The Finnish rider had missed the first day on Tuesday due to bad weather, and again chose not to risk further damage to his recently-recovered knee today.
Rain was a persistent adversary for Niklas Ajo in Jerez. The Avant Tecno KTM rider only completed laps yesterday, on a track which has characteristics that require more strength from a knee injured during the winter. For this reason and due to the wet surface, the Finn rode only 40 laps this week. His best time was a 1’50.140.
Niklas Ajo will be back at Jerez from the 18th-21st of  March, for the third and final Moto3 test of the 2013 preseason.
“In the end I was only able to ride on one day -and even then it wasn’t in every session. The pain in my knee didn’t allow me to do any more. Yesterday we could try things out, but on Tuesday and today the track was wet and we preferred to not take any risks. That way I can recover fully. We hope that in the upcoming tests my knee is in better shape, so that we can put more kilometres on the clock before the start of the season.”