Austin provides new challenge for Niklas Ajo


Avant Tecno KTM rider travels to USA for first encounter with Circuit of The Americas.

From Friday through to Sunday, the Circuit of The Americas (Austin, Texas) will host the MotoGP World Championship for the first time ever. Niklas Ajo will be facing the only new track added to the calendar this year. The 5513 metre long circuit, with 11 left-hand corners, 9 right-hand corners and the longest straight in the MotoGP World Championship —1200 metres— will make this one of the events to watch this season.

After a ninth place finish at the opening round in Qatar, the Avant Tecno KTM rider touches down in the Texan city wanting to keep up the good work. Continuous changes of direction, hard braking points and a change in altitude of 40 metres along the home straight will demand the most of all the riders.
This will be the first of two Moto3 races Stateside this year, and the final event before a run of six European races.

Circuit information – Circuit of The Americas
Length: 5513 metres / 3,426 miles
Width: 15 metres
Left corners: 11
Right corners: 9
Longest straight: 1200 metres / 0,746 miles
Constructed: 2012

Niklas Ajo,
”I am really excited about coming to ride at Austin, because it is a completely new circuit for everyone and has never held a Moto3 race before. These last two weeks I have been watching many onboard videos and footage from the Formula 1 race there. It seems quite difficult to learn, especially the first part of the track. I think it is a fun, modern circuit. I will continue working hard from day one, because I want to improve my result from the race in Qatar.”