Ajo fights in Misano having fewer and broken finger


Niklas Ajo, who is recovering from a flue, will start from eight row for season´s 12th Moto3 GP held in San Marino on Sunday.
Ajo´s fastest lap at the qualifying on a dry track of Misano was 1.46,678, which allowed him to 24th place amongst 34 riders. The result was relatively good comparing to the physical condition of 18 year old Ajo.
“The flue has caused me a fewer and we just found out that there is a fracture in my left middle finger which was caused by a crash I had in the morning practice. I definitely don´t have the best possible feeling at the moment”, Ajo sighted.
However, Ajo doesn´t think that the broken finger will cause any bigger problems in the race.
“It does hurt but I think I will make it with pain killers and some tape. I´ll just fight and raise my position in Sunday´s race. However, I of course hope the fever won´t raise!”

Only few laps
with slick tyres

Ajo´s qualifying wasn´t the best possible as he crashed in the half way of 40 minutes long session when the front part of his KTM slip from under him in the left corner.
“I still don´t know what happened. Well, fortunately I managed to make few more laps after my pit stop.”
All the three practice sessions of Moto3-class were held partly wet and extremely slippery track. Ajo didn´t get a chance to ride with slick tyres until in the qualifying.
“It was a difficult session also because there was “a half crazy” weather still in the morning practice in Misano. It has been forecasted that it should be dry and warmer on Sunday so the warm up session on Sunday morning is even more important”, Ajo highlighted.
Finnish team Ajo Motorsport´s German rider Sandro Cortese, who leads the championship by 32 points, was the fastest rider in the 4,2 kilometres long circuit. KTM´s factory team´s Cortese took already his sixth pole position of the season with a time of 1.44,201. Cortese bet Italian Romano Fenatin, who qualified second, by 0,370 seconds. Ajo was 2,447 seconds from Cortese.

Moto3 Qualifying Practice Classification:

1. Sandro Cortese Germany, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM 1.44,201
2. Romano Fenati Italy, Team Italia FMI, FTR Honda + 0,370
3. Niccolo Antonelli Italy, San Carlo Gresini Moto3, FTR Honda + 0,389
4. Danny Kent Great Britain, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 0,642
5. Luis Salom Spain, RW Racing GP, Kalex KTM + 0,656
6. Jonas Folger Germany, Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3, Kalex KTM + 0,676
7. Alessandro Tonucci Italy, Team Italia FMI, FTR Honda + 0,708
8. Zulfahmi Khairuddin Malaysia, AirAsia-Sic-Ajo, KTM + 0,877
9. Miguel Oliveira Portugal, Estrella Galicia 0,0, Suter Honda + 0,915
10. Arthur Sissis Australia, Red Bull KTM Ajo, KTM + 0,941
11. Maverick VinaIes Spain, Blusens Avintia, FTR Honda + 1,029
12. Louis Rossi Italy, Racing Team Germany, FTR Honda + 1,058
13. Hector Faubel Spain, Mapfre Aspar Team Moto3, Kalex KTM + 1,059
14. Brad Binder South Africa, RW Racing GP, Kalex KTM + 1,088
15. Efren Vazquez Spain, JHK t-shirt Laglisse, FTR Honda + 1,131
24. Niklas Ajo Finland, TT Motion Events Racing, KTM + 2,477