Husqvarna riders take important steps forward


Danny Kent completed the second day of the Jerez test with a great last session, in which he benefitted from an improved setup to go fast. He went below the previous circuit record and placed just 0.368 off the day’s quickest rider, Jack Miller.
Niklas Ajo – tenth with a time of 1:46.943 – also took a step forward, but problems with his bike prevented the completion of the good work carried out in the morning.
Danny Kent today followed a completely upward trajectory, thanks to some changes introduced on the opening laps of the day. Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo rider was unable to lower his time in either the first session or the second, but in the last runout, with cold asphalt, he managed to do so. A splendid lap of 1:46.646, quicker than the previous circuit record, allowed him to occupy third position on the combined timesheets for the day and for all test sessions.
Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo rider Niklas Ajo wanted to continue with the work done yesterday, and was one of the first out at the Spanish track. Up to 33 riders participated in the morning session, in which Ajo set his fastest time of the whole day – 1:46.943 – for fourth on the timesheets. For the rest of the day, a problem with the setup lost him a lot of time and he missed most of the last session.
The second official test for the Moto3 class concludes tomorrow with the third and final day.

Niklas Ajo – Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo:
”Today was a good day; the weather was very good, but we also we took a big step forward. We did a lot of work with my riding style, so we didn’t try to do any fast lap times. This morning we felt it was time to try what we have used before and see what we’ve learnt, and it seems like it works well. We can be happy with the result, but of course we cannot forget to continue working hard. There’s still a lot to do, there are many guys who are much faster than us, but I’m not worried.
Tomorrow we need to put in more laps; yesterday we had a tactic, we didn’t want to use many tyres, but today we couldn’t put in as many laps as we wanted. I hope the weather is ok tomorrow, as we have many tyres to test and we want to try to improve my riding.”

Danny Kent – Red Bull KTM Husqvarna Ajo
”This morning we were just using old tyres, doing fewer laps with them as a test to get ready for the races. In the second session we were just training different things; I didn’t feel 100% myself and I couldn’t feel confident or consistent. This afternoon I felt quite comfortable and we set my best lap time ever at Jerez, finishing just 0.3 away from the top. I hope tomorrow we can start how we finished today and keep progressing. But the main thing for tomorrow is, instead of doing one fast lap, to do four or five consecutive fast laps.
To be honest I was not really thinking about us being so fast or not. If I can be in the Top 3 or not far from the top I‘ll be happy, as for me the main thing is just to change the way I work and do as many consistent laps as possible to be ready for Qatar.”

Combined Standings – Day 2
1. Jack Miller (KTM) 1:46.278
2. Karel Hanika (KTM) 1:46.645 +0.367
3. Danny Kent (Red Bull Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.646 +0.368
4. Romano Fenati (KTM) 1:46.650 +0.372
5. Francesco Bagnaia (KTM) 1:46.674 +0.396
10. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno Husqvarna Ajo) 1:46.943 +0.665